You Oughta Know… Cibo Matto, STEREO★TYPE A

Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Cibo Matto STEREO TYPE A Album Cover


This week marks the 20th anniversary of Cibo Matto’s sophomore album hitting record store shelves, which is certainly worthy of commemoration…provided you know the album, that is. And if you don’t know it… You oughta know!


Produced by Yuka Honda, STEREOTYPE A is an album that never really broke through with mainstream audiences, as was decidedly proven by the fact that it never climbed any higher than #171 on the Billboard 200, but given that it actually topped the College Music Journal’s album chart, it’s clear that the LP had a rabid fanbase when it was first released. The album’s trifecta of singles – “Working for Vacation,” “Moonchild,” and “Spoon” – are as good an audio expedition through the LPs overall sound as you could hope to have. That said, other tracks worthy of your time (aside from, you know, the whole freaking album) include “Flowers,” “Sci-Fi Wasabi,” “Clouds,” “King of Silence,” and “Stone.”


Arguably the most regrettable thing about STEREOTYPE A is that the band opted to call it a day two years later, thereby never having an opportunity to build on the momentum of the album. Granted, they did end up getting back together in 2011 and released a third album – HOTEL VALENTINE – a few years later, but the buzz had long since dissipated: it made it to #168 on the Billboard 200 and then began its descent.


But let’s focus on the success of STEREOTYPE A, shall we? It’s arguably the band’s best album from start to finish, described by AllMusic as sounding “like summer in New York -- eclectic, hot, and funky.” If that doesn’t inspire you to hit “play,” what will?

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