Hot Wax: Ramones, IT’S ALIVE

Friday, August 14, 2020
Ramones ITS ALIVE 2019 REMASTER LP Cover

Back in September 2019, which we realize seems like an absolute lifetime ago, Rhino reissued the classic Ramones concert album IT’S ALIVE to commemorate the LP’s 40th anniversary. It was a mammoth set, and – we’ll cop to it – it was a little pricey for the casual punk rock consumer.

If you’re one of the fans of the bruddas who wasn’t able to corral the cash to pick up the 4-CD / 2-LP set, we’ve got good news: as of today, you can now pick up a vinyl reissue of IT’S ALIVE at your friendly neighborhood record store and/or online retailer. Granted, it’s just a straight-ahead reissue, i.e. without the bells and whistles of the deluxe version, but it still contains all of the tunes from the original release of the LP.

What tunes are those, you ask? We’re happy to refresh your memory!

Side 1:
1.    Rockaway Beach
2.    Teenage Lobotomy
3.    Blitzkrieg Bop
4.    I Wanna Be Well
5.    Glad To See You Go
6.    Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
7.    You're Gonna Kill That Girl

Side 2:
1.    I Don't Care
2.    Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
3.    Havana Affair
4.    Commando
5.    Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
6.    Surfin' Bird
7.    Cretin Hop

Side 3:

1.    Listen To My Heart
2.    California Sun
3.    I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
4.    Pinhead
5.    Do You Wanna Dance
6.    Chainsaw
7.    Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World

Side 4:

1.    Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy
2.    Judy Is A Punk
3.    Suzy Is A Headbanger
4.    Let's Dance
5.    Oh Oh I Love Her So
6.    Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
7.    We're A Happy Family

Got it? Good! Now go get yourself a copy!


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