Happy Birthday: John Paul Jones

Thursday, January 3, 2019

It’s once again time to wish a happy birthday to a member of one of the greatest rock bands of all time, and today the honor goes to John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin’s legendary bassist. Last year, we paid tribute to him on this very day by spotlighting a six-pack of non-Zeppelin tracks to which he’s contributed over the years, and this year we’re back with three more for your listening – and viewing – enjoyment.


  1. Madeline Bell, “I’m So Glad” (1973): She hails from the US – from Newark, New Jersey, to be precise – but Bell found her greatest fame in the UK, if not necessarily always as a solo artist. Bell’s work as a backup singer was substantial, but in ’73 she entered the studio with Jones as her producer, resulting in the well-respected COMIN’ ATCHA album.



  1. Uncle Earl, “Streak O’ Lean, Streak o’ Fat” (2007): It’s fair to say that Jones liked this all-female “old-time music group,” as they’re called on Wikipedia, since he not only produced their WATERLOO, TENNESSEE album but also contributed everything from piano and bass to “hollering.” (That’s an actual credit.) In addition, you can spot him in this extremely funny video as – what a stretch – a pianist.



  1. Seasick Steve, “Over You” (2013): You never know what’s going to catch the ear of UK audiences, and for proof of that phenomenon, you need look no farther than Seasick Steve, an American blues singer who’s had five top-10 albums on the other side of the pond without ever so much as troubling the lower reaches of the charts over here. Jones popped up to play alongside Steve when he made an appearance on Jools Holland’s show, which seems like as good a way to wrap up this birthday piece as any.