Digital Roundup: 10/8/14

Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Digital Roundup: 10/8/14

New this week in the Rhino Room at iTunes:

Gary Wright, The Very Best of Gary Wright / The WB Years: 1975-1981: Well, as it happens, we’ve only got two new additions to the digital catalog this week, and they’re both by Gary Wright, so let’s tackle The Very Best of Gary Wright first, shall we? Regrettably, it’s not the same collection as 1998’s Best of Gary Wright: The Dream Weaver, which is currently out of print, but it’s still a solid sampling of Wright’s tenure on Warner Brothers, kicking off with four selections from the first – and unquestionably the most famous – album during his stint with the label, The Dream Weaver.

Following “Dream Weaver,” “Love is Alive,” “Blind Feeling,” and “Made to Love You,” you’ll find three tracks from Light of Smiles (“Water Sign,” “Time Machine,” and “Who Am I”), the title track from Touch and Gone, a pair of selections from Headin’ Home (“Love’s Awake Inside,” “Keep Love in Your Soul”), and a trio from The Right Place (“Really Want to Know You,” “Heartbeat,” and “Comin’ Apart”). The collection concludes with two tracks from later in Wright’s career: “Someone Like You,” which made its debut on the aforementioned out-of-print compilation, and “You Make Me Feel Better,” which can also be found on 2010’s Connected, Wright’s most recent studio effort to date.

Where these last two songs cannot be found, however, is on The WB Years: 1975-1981, but if you should discover that The Very Best of Gary Wright is simply not enough Gary Wright for your needs, we’re pretty sure that this five-album set will fix that problem handily.